PriorityPal™ HL Series Case Palletizer

The PriorityPal HL Series Case Palletizer is the newly developed case palletizer whose lineage comes from an extensive line of dependable, quality equipment produced during Priority One’s 30 years of excellence in case palletizing.

The Priority One PriorityPal High Level Case Palletizer features a flexible modular layout capable of running 1-10 layers per minute depending on the product and machine configuration. Certain models of the PriorityPal family of palletizers utilize an Intralox DARB™ Series 400 sorting belt that makes it possible for the machine to selectively sort, sequence, and divert product at a 90° angle onto the row forming conveyor. This eliminates the need for void stops and breakage due to product handling.

The PriorityPal is designed to palletize a variety of packages including cases, trays, bundles, film only and display packs. The machine’s interactive HMI system enables operators to easily switch patterns. Select from 50 preprogrammed patterns or create patterns on the fly.

All PriorityPal High Level Case Palletizers come standard with remote diagnostic technology. Users can troubleshoot equipment from anywhere in the world with the addition of an internet connection.

Key System Features of the PriorityPal

  • Intuitive HMI System
  • Category 3 Safety design
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Servo driven
  • Touch-less pattern forming
  • Highly adaptable layout footprint
  • Infinite load squaring capabilities
  • Unmatched 3 year warranty


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Picture of Priority One PriorityPal HL Series Case Palletizer
Picture of Priority One PriorityPal HL Series Case Palletizer
PriorityPal™ Case Palletizer Video
PriorityPal™ Case Palletizer Animation