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Didion Corn Mill: Uniting in the Face of Crisis

Published Jun 19, 2017

Image credit: Didion Corn Mill

On Wednesday, May 31st, tragedy stuck the small community of Cambria, WI when a corn mill (Didion Milling) exploded. Cambria is barely five miles from our Arrowhead Systems headquarters in Randolph, WI and has a population of just 785. The Didion Corn Mill employs nearly 200 employees (most of which who reside in the surrounding community). Since The Mill is vital to their economy, not only was the community devastated by the incident, but it would also take a toll on their financial well-being.

In rural Wisconsin, it is not uncommon for people to live in one town and work in another due to close proximity. A few AHS employees reside in Cambria, and when the news was out about the misfortune that struck our friends and neighbors, two employees knew we had to do our part to help our community.

“After the tragic disaster in Cambria, I wanted to help the community that I know and love,” said Arrowhead Systems employee, Don. “The best way I found to do this was by organizing a food drive. I have always been the type of person to help out others especially in the community that I deeply care for and grew up in. My condolences to the affected families.”  

Don and his co-worker Brenda suggested we pull together our resources to help the employees and families of those involved. Brenda simply stated, “It’s a small community, just like Randolph, and you have to help those that need it.”

Thanks to our generous employees, Arrowhead Systems has raised over $500 (including food and supplies) to provide the families with some peace of mind during this hard time. 


Items needed to support those affected by the explosion include, but aren't limited to: gas cards, diapers, baby food, food, soap, shampoo, toiletries, paper towels, detergent.

To donate directly to the Didion Fund please send to:
Old Mill Foundation Didion Benefit Fund
National Exchange Bank
118 West Edgewater Street
P.O. Box 338
Cambria, WI 53923


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