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Low Level Bulk Palletizer / Depalletizer

Keep production running smoothly with the Low Level Bulk Palletizer/Depalletizer. A single operator can perform changeovers on the entire unit. Changeovers can be automated to reduce time to as low as five minutes. Run thin-walled, rigid, empty containers made of plastic, aluminum or steel with ease. Heavy-duty construction provides smooth, vibration-free operation.

  • Dunnage Specifications: 44″ x 56″ for pallet, top frames and tier sheets
  • Capacity: 3.25 layers per minute
  • Customization: Hybrid bulk palletizers/depalletizers built to fit your needs
  • Save Labor: Requires minimal employee interaction
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Machine Specifications

End Product Details



Non-Round, Round




Aluminum, Composite Product, Plastic, Steel

General Design

Painted Steel

Standard Equipment Specifications
Control Voltage


Electrial Power


Compressed Air Volume, CFM (Liters/min)


Compressed Air Pressure, PSI (KPa)


Machine Speed (SPM)


Compresses Air Inlet


Maximum Load Height, Inches (mm)


Maximum Load Weight, Pounds (kg)

Up to 2500 (1130)

Standard Pallet Size Inches (mm)

48 x 56 ??

Optional Pallet Width Range, Inches (mm)


Optional Pallet Length Range, Inches (mm)


Standard Pallet Conveyor TOC, Inches (mm)


Minimum Pallet Conveyor TOC, Inches (mm)



1 Year Warranty


48 x 56 ??

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With A&B Engineering, you get 24/7 support.

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