Gantry Palletizing System

Busse/SJI's compactly-designed Gantry Palletizing System skillfully stacks one or two products at a time and is ideal for facilities with very little floor space. The structure can be equipped with multiple pick heads to enable increased throughput capacity within the smallest possible footprint.

In this automated system, the pallet sits directly on the floor. The robot picks product from the infeed conveyor and places it on the pallet until the pallet is fully stacked. Then, the robot stacks the product on the accumulation table until the lift truck operator removes the completed pallet and replaces it with an empty one. The robot then picks product from both the accumulation table and the infeed conveyor to stack on the pallet.

Customize the standard system by adding a slip sheet station, pallet height sensor and a pallet dispenser.

Busse Gantry Palletizing System

This compactly-designed system skillfully stacks one or two products at a time and is ideal for facilities with little floor space.

Key System Features

  • Configure a footprint to fit your space

  • Equip the system with multiple pick heads to enable maximum capacity in the smallest possible footprint

  • Increase functionality with optional equipment, including a slip sheet station, pallet height sensors and a pallet dispenser

  • Handle a variety of package types, including bags, shrink-wrapped bundles and corrugated cases

  • High pick speeds of approximately 14 picks per minute of a single product

Our Gantry Palletizing System can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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