Accumulation Tables

Arrowhead Conveyor Accumulation Tables are custom-engineered and sized for your specific needs. They're available in both bi-directional and flow-through configurations to provide surge controls on a production line.

Select a FILO Accumulation System (First In, Last Out) for the most conventional means of offline accumulation. This system is also known as a bi-directional or mass flow switch back accumulation system.

Choose a FIFO Accumulation System (First In, First Out) when products require batch lot tracking or tracked quality control. This system is also known as a zone uni-directional accumulation table.

Side profile view of our Arrowhead Conveyor Accumulation Table

Built to last, they're available in rugged stainless steel or painted mild steel fabrication.

Overhead view of our Arrowhead Conveyor Accumulation Table

Custom-engineered to suit your production needs, our Accumulation Tables are available as a complete system or a stand-alone control package.

Key System Features

  • Rely on rugged stainless steel or painted mild steel fabrication

  • Ability to create an entire custom system or select a stand-alone control package

  • Units are often shipped completely assembled for easy installation

Our accumulation table solutions can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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