Mass Air Conveyor

To gently convey products with minimal fallen containers and spoilage, turn to Arrowhead Conveyor's Mass Air Conveyor. Offerings include mass air cup conveyor, bright can conveyor, base coated conveyor, pinstripper, discharge and internal spray infeed. The system's welded x-brace hold-down design and louver plates ensure consistent clearance between the two parallel surfaces—minimizing the number of fallen or jammed cans.

With our modular design and assembly, we can easily create a solution that meets your specific needs. Plus, its removable louver plates and inspection covers make the cleaning process faster and easier.

Complete Arrowhead Mass Air Conveyor

The system's design ensures consistent clearance between two parallel surfaces, minimizing fallen or jammed product.

Arrowhead's Modular Mass Air Conveyor

The modular assembly of this mass air conveyor allows for increased flexibility.

Key System Features

  • Modular assembly means greater flexibility, shorter delivery and quicker installation

  • Complete product changeovers quickly with hold-down covers

  • Simplified maintenance

  • Minimize fallen or jammed cans

  • Easy installation and start-up

Our Mass Air Conveyor can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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