Mass Mechanical Conveyor

Rely on years of easy operation and lower maintenance costs with Arrowhead Conveyor Corporation's Mass Mechanical Conveyor. Each one is built with Intralox®-approved designs that incorporate robust Intralox belting and sprockets, which are proven to maximize performance and reduce maintenance costs. The equipment's modular assemblies also enable more flexibility, shorter delivery times and fewer spare parts.

Built with premium brand name components and precision fabricated parts, you'll appreciate the long-lasting durability and trouble-free operation.

Arrowhead Conveyor's Mass Mechanical Conveyor

Limit product spoilage with our durable, trouble-free mass mechanical conveyors.

Overhead of Arrowhead Conveyor's Mass Mechanical Conveyor

Each one is built with Intralox®-approved designs that incorporate robust Intralox belting and sprockets.

Key System Features

  • Limit product spoilage and prevent brand contamination with fully adjustable, mirror polished, self-clearing dead plates

  • Easy installation and start-up

Our Mass Mechanical Conveyors can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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