ARB™ S400 Case Turner

Arrowhead Conveyor's Intralox ARB™ Series S400 Case Turner ensures complete case turning, even if the conveyor is stopped and restarted in the middle of the cycle. The patented ARB™ technology aligns the cases uniformly along the side rail heading into the turner, ensuring each case contacts the turner at a consistent point every time. This leads to a smooth steady flow of cases from the turner to the next stage on the conveyor line, thus eliminating unscheduled downtime. And with its small footprint, it can be easily incorporated into existing lines or small facilities.

This case turner is built with durable materials and construction, using polyurethane rollers that are threaded on stainless steel axels that are molded into polypropylene belt modules.

Arrowhead Conveyor's Patented Case Turner

Ensure a steady flow of cases with our patented ARB™ technology.

Overhead of Arrowhead's Case Turner

This system aligns packages with sideways movement of one-foot for every five-feet of travel.

Key System Features

  • Aligns packages with sideways movement of one-foot for every five-feet of travel

  • Increased productivity by eliminating interruptions in momentum at the case turner

  • The ability to handle a wide variety of package dimensions and characteristics, including small/large, light/heavy, tray packs or shrink wrapped packs, fragile and non-standard shapes

  • Simplifies case turning system with fewer drives and less moving parts

  • Easy retrofit of existing case turner applications

Our ARB™ S400 Case Turner can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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