ArrowLift™ Vertical Conveyor

Arrowhead Conveyor's continuous motion ArrowLift™ Vertical Conveyor is compact, simple and reliable—allowing companies to maximize their production efficiency without sacrifices. It is designed to handle production rates up to 30 products per minute. Standard inverter duty motors allow the ArrowLift to be synchronized with adjacent conveyors and equipment to adapt to changing production conditions and provide maximum throughput.

ArrowLift requires little or no changeover between products—helping to keep production lines operating at high up-times. It is available in either painted mild steel or stainless steel, suitable for use in washdown environments.

Arrowhead Conveyor's ArrowLift Vertical Conveyor

Maximize production efficiency with this compact, modular design.

Schematic of Arrowhead Conveyor's ArrowLift Vertical Conveyor

Our vertical conveyor can be incorporated into new product lines or retrofitted into existing ones.

Key System Features

  • Compact, efficient and modular design can be incorporated into new production lines or retrofitted onto existing ones

  • Integral guarding saves space on the production floor

  • Continuous motion operation reduces wear and tear

  • Maintenance-friendly thanks to fewer moving parts and commercially-available components

  • Available in multiple configurations to accommodate a wide range of products and sizes

Our ArrowLift™ vertical conveyor can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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