ArrowSelect® Quick Ship Pre-Engineered Conveyor

The ArrowSelect series is a versatile line of industrial conveyor modules that are ready to ship at a competitive price. The modular design enables you to quickly adapt a system to fit your current and future layout requirements. Select from a mat top or table top design.

This solution allows you to compress lead times from weeks to a matter of days. Standard components are stocked or are available for just-in-time delivery. To accommodate a variety of layouts, you can select from a complete array of modular sections, including flex curves, dynamic transfer sections, inline transfers, parallel transfers, drive and idle ends, and incline/decline modules. Available in stainless or painted mild steel, ArrowSelect satisfies the needs of wet and dry applications.

Arrowhead Conveyor's ArrowSelect

Available in mat top or table top.

Arrowhead Conveyor's ArrowSelect with Conveyor Belt

Available in stainless or painted mild steel, this affordable option satisfies the needs of wet and dry applications.

Key System Features

  • Standard components enable quick deliveries

  • Bolt-together design uses vibration-resistant fasteners along with UHWM clip-on raised wear strips and roller or serpentine slider return

  • Manufacturing along with our other product lines offers a large purchasing volume and efficiencies of scale to provide savings that can be passed on to you

  • Complementary accessories include guide rails, brackets (adjustable only), supports (pedestal and angle "H" style) and transfer aids (roller dead plates, stainless steel dead plates and side transfer plates), drive end, idle end and incline/decline modules

Our ArrowSelect® Quick Ship Conveyors can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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