Pressureless Single Filers

Arrowhead Conveyor Pressureless Single Filers quickly move products into a single file without back pressure. This system utilizes multi-strand chains to convert mass flow of both round and non-round products into a single lane by pulling mass flow product apart with progressive acceleration.

This is a great solution for singulating both stable and slightly unstable cylindrical and non-round product into a single line.

Schematic of Arrowhead Conveyor's Pressureless Single Filer

This system uses multi-strand chains and progressive acceleration to move product into a single line.

Overhead Schematic of Arrowhead Conveyor's Pressureless Single Filer

Easily move both stable and slightly unstable product with our pressureless system.

Key System Features

  • Move empty or full containers

  • Rates of up to 1600CPM can be achieved dependent on product characteristics
    and weight

  • Often shipped completely assembled for easy installation

Our pressureless single filers can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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