Engineering Design Services

Arrowhead Conveyor’s full staff of skilled applications engineers, mechanical engineers, design engineers and project managers partner with customers to design a conveyor solution that fits their exact needs.

Here’s what you can expect from Arrowhead Engineering Design Services:

Proposal Development

  • Proposals are developed, based on proven designs and concepts from previous projects

  • Weekly application review meetings detail proposal progress and address any questions or requirements

  • Design review meetings are scheduled with all the team members supporting your project (Engineering, Product testing verifies proposed design concepts

  • Unique AutoCAD Layout created for proposals (some exceptions apply)

*Dependent on project requirements and application

Project Management

  • A primary point of contact is established from RFP through project installation to ensure a successful, timely end result

  • Approval drawings are reviewed to confirm design and function of equipment prior to fabrication

  • Project is executed and design changes coordinated with engineering and fabrication

  • Customer visits [during fabrication] and near the end of the project for the factory acceptance test

  • Shipping and installation is coordinated

  • “As-built” drawings and spare parts list is sent to customer


  • Conveyor systems are engineered and integrated

  • Project is supported from the conception of design to the final system layout

  • Full service support is provided by electrical department

  • On-site installation, support, and service (mechanical and electrical) are provided

  • Engineered drawings are provided in 3-D

  • Machine start-up assistance is provided


Our Engineering Design Services can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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