SideWinder® Dynamic Laner

The SideWinder Dynamic Laner automatically divides a single file lane of containers into multiple lanes without interrupting product flow. Arrowhead Conveyor has eliminated the need to stop product during lane shifts using an innovative coiled rail system that provides superior product stability at high speeds.

The unique coiled product guides provide support for both sides of products during lane shifts. This ensures that the product will not topple or drift during the laning process. It also allows the SideWinder to run difficult containers at the highest possible rates.

The continuous, dynamic motion of the SideWinder eliminates the extra wear and tear caused by the conveyor chain slipping under product during clamp and shift lane changes. The servo controls also provide precise motion control that eliminates ongoing adjustments common with other types of actuators.

The SideWinder can be configured to produce outputs from a single file to multiple lanes up to 22' across. Multiple laning sequences are possible to address individual customer needs. Changeover is fast and effective with no tools required for adjusting the product guides. And by incorporating proven, reliable components that are selected for long life and consistent performance, it's easy to maintain.

Schematic of Arrowhead Conveyor's SideWinder Laner

This system features a heavy-duty stainless steel frame with polycarbonate safety guarding.

Overhead Schematic of Arrowhead Conveyor's SideWinder Laner

The SideWinder can be configured to produce outputs for a single or multiple lanes.

Key System Features

  • Base unit is designed for high speed applications on lines up to 215 feet per minute

  • Eliminates product flow interruptions caused by clamping and shifting during lane changes

  • Keeps even the most challenging containers upright at rapid speeds

  • Servo controls ensure continuous and precise motion

  • Features a stainless steel frame with polycarbonate safety guarding

  • Install as a complete system or retrofit over existing systems

Our SideWinder Dynamic Laner can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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