Rollerless Case Conveyor

Arrowhead Conveyor's Rollerless Case Conveyor is designed to meet today’s demanding case conveyor needs and is capable of handling almost any type of case, tray or package—even shrink bundles without corrugated trays.

This innovative design incorporates both table top and mat top carrying surfaces to provide full product support. Conveyor construction is available in either painted mild steel or stainless steel.

Our heavy duty modular design means simplified installation and ongoing maintenance because there are fewer moving parts. You'll also be able to reconfigure conveyors to adapt to new production requirements, helping you to maximize your investment.

This rollerless case conveyor is also available with zero pressure zone accumulation areas to help minimize pressure during line backups. This simple, unique, patent-pending accumulation actuator allows you to maximize uptime. Optional center lift bars are also available for accumulation zones and can handle large and small packages on the same system.

Arrowhead Rollerless Case Conveyor

This innovative design incorporates both table top and mat top carrying surfaces.

Discover Arrowhead's Rollerless Case Conveyor

With fewer moving parts, you'll reduce maintenance needs and total cost of ownership.

Key System Features

  • Eliminates "point contact" areas common to live roller conveyors

  • Full product support area will wear evenly and last longer

  • Ease of maintenance and fewer moving parts reduces total cost of ownership

  • Self-clearing transfer areas minimize product contact and build-up of line pressure

  • Many customization options avaiable, including package merge and divert sections, custom package guides, and include and decline models

Our rollerless case conveyor can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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