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Headspace Sterilization

Looking for custom capabilities to complete your current can handling or bottle handling systems? Sterilization is a crucial step in any bottling or canning line. That’s why Arrowhead Systems team of engineers is here to offer you custom headspace sterilization solutions to increase efficiency and productivity.

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Lay-down Headspace Sterilizer

  • Ease of Handling: Pressure-free handling gently sterilizes closure of fragile or heavy hot-filled containers
  • Application: Handles multiple container sizes without changing parts to keep production down time to a minimum
  • Flexibility: The size of the system is directly related to the amount of time required to sterilize the cap or closure
  • Customize: System can be customized to fit your needs

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Vertical Humpback Conveyor Headspace Sterilizer

  • Speed: Maximum 250 FPM
  • Adjustability: Size of machine is directly related to the amount of time required for sterilization of cap or closure.
  • Configurations: Choose a horizontal model for areas with limited overhead space
  • Easy Installation: Easy installation and start-up, can be shipped assembled

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