Drag Chain Pallet Conveyor

Busse/SJI's Drag Chain Pallet Conveyor offers a reliable method for conveying items that do not transport well on rollers. Example applications for this type of conveyor include slip sheets, products with inconsistencies on the conveying surface and pallet runners that are perpendicular to flow. Our Drag Chain Pallet Conveyors are also commonly used for load transfer and sortation points. Select our 2-strand conveyor for empty pallets or 3-strand conveyor for full loads.

We construct equipment with rugged materials and easy-to-operate controls, which means fewer worries for you.

Busse Drag Chain Pallet Conveyor

Select our 2-strand conveyor for empty pallets or 3-strand conveyor for full loads.

Key System Features

  • Accommodate a variety of pallet and load sizes, shapes and materials

  • Add right angle transfers, turntables, lift and rotate conveyor, a pallet strapper and/or a wrapper

  • Select a solution that meets your needs: conveyor sections only, conveyor systems with controls or complete pre-wired systems

  • Take on the demands of heavy pallet loads with capacities of 2000 lb or 4000 lb

  • Access both sides of the conveyor for pallet loading and unloading

  • Center drives with nose transfers eliminate the need for transfer plates

  • We assemble and test conveyor sections prior to shipping, making installation a breeze

Our drag chain pallet conveyors can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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