Truck Dock Pallet Receiving & Loading System

Developed to automate the truck unloading and loading process, the bulk container receiving and loading system features an air chain conveyor that receives bulk container loads from truck trailers and transfers them to guided vehicles—eliminating fork trucks and their associated costs.

This pallet handling conveyor receives loads from the truck trailers and then interfaces with transfer cars or guided vehicles. The heavy-duty system includes dual CDLR skewed roller conveyors which enable combining or separating of loads. The bulk loading/unloading tandem air chain accumulation conveyors feature an independent staging zone for each pallet as well as center drive design for forward and reverse operation.

Key System Features

Dual Chain Driven Live Roller Skewed Roller Conveyors

  • 2 1/2” diameter rollers

  • Rollers skewed in the middle portion of the conveyor for separation or combining of loads

  • Independent drives for each side

  • Side motor mounts with direct drive hollow shaft gearboxes

Bulk Loading/Unloading Tandem Air Chain Accumulation Conveyors

  • 14” formed channel frames

  • 45” effective width

  • Center drive design allows for reversible operation

  • Dual 60 drive chain riding on a UHMW wear strip

  • Side motor mounts with flange mounted hollow shaft gearboxes

  • Solenoid valve for each 5 ft. accumulation zone

  • Independent staging zone for each pallet

Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors

  • 6” formed channel frames

  • 2 ½” diameter rollers

  • Side motor mounts with hollow shaft gearboxes

Transfer Car

  • Dual CDLR Conveyors with independent drives

  • 1 ½” x 6” floor rail system

  • 10” diameter steel drive wheels

  • 6” diameter steel idle wheels

  • Time of flight sensor for positioning

Our Truck Receiving and Loading System can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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