Viper™ HL Bulk Palletizer

The Viper Series Bulk Palletizer from Busse/SJI is a high-speed automatic palletizer with high level infeed that can deliver rates of up to 12 sweeps per minute. These incredible speeds are achieved with the Pattern-Rite™ System, a patented technology from Busse/SJI that allows high speed void free container layer patterning. It's no wonder the Viper is the leading bulk palletizer in the world.

The Viper Series high performance sweep is either servo or frequency controlled for smooth layer transfer. It also helps you work more efficiently by reducing pallet change cycles by 40%, thanks to a carriage that simultaneously places a top frame on the palletized load while squaring a new pallet in the hoist.

The two stage sheet feeder positions and separates sheets for accurate placement, without the need for special bins and robotic servo mechanisms. Developed with customers in mind who require flexibility and automation, the Viper Series Bulk Palletizer has what it takes to move containers efficiently and effectively.

Busse Viper High Level Bulk Palletizer

This high-speed, high level bulk palletizer by Busse/SJI is the global industry leader.

Overhead of Busse Viper High Level Bulk Palletizer

It can deliver rates of up to 12 sweeps per minute thanks to patented technology.

Key System Features

  • High performance sweep

  • Pattern-Rite void free patterning system

  • 4000 cans per minute capability

  • Slide-By #1 Stagger

  • Layer sheet placement

  • Top frame staging

  • Top frame placement in the hoist

  • Two stage sheet placement

  • Top pallet insertion

Our Viper™ Bulk Palletizer can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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