Arrowhead Systems ALPHA Turbo Depalletizer

World’s Most Advanced Depalletizer

  • User-Friendly Fault Recovery
    Help Screens
    Video/PDF Assistance

  • Predictive Maintenance
    Vibration/Temp Monitoring
    Cycle Count Tracking
    Smart Pneumatics

  • Performance Metrics

  • Remote Access
    Plant & Mobile

  • Energy Monitoring
    Energy Saving Pneumatics

  • Self Diagnostics
    IO Link “Intelligent” Devices
    Device Specific Fault Monitoring

  • Greater Flexibility

  • Design Improvements
    Fewer Parts
    Common Parts
    Maintenance Friendly

  • Configurable Layouts

  • Customizable Option Packages

  • Multiple Pallet Capabilities


Key System Features


  • Sheet Gripper - Universal components, more flexible/versatile.

  • Hoist Drive - AC motor w/vector drive

  • Sweep Drive - AC motor w/vector drive

  • Dunnage Assembly - 50% fewer parts, 1000# weight reduction.

  • Hoist Assembly - Fewer parts, streamlined hoist drive, resilient chain attachment, simpler lift table guiding

  • Bed Assembly - Fewer parts, multi pallet deadplate.

  • Sweep Assembly - Fewer parts, weight reduction.

  • Next Layer Squaring - Bolt-on option.

  • Multiple Pallet Sizes - Bolt-on option.

  • Solenoid Valve Style - Non-ISO required, reduced cost.

  • Hoist Drive Assembly - Easier assembly, replacement, no special tools required.


  • PLC - New/current model with more features.

  • HMI - New/current model with more features.

  • Sensors - Self-diagnostics, optional IO link.

  • Job Aids - PDF/Video embedded.

  • Local Wireless Network - Optional Wireless hotspot.

  • Connection to Plant Network - Optional NAT Router, remote access for service.

  • Cameras - Optional Local video capture, recording for troubleshooting.

  • Vibration/temp Monitoring - Optional: Advanced diagnostics‒to predict an impending failure for critical bearings and gearboxes so that planned downtime can be scheduled for maintenance.

  • Smart Pneumatics - Optional Motion Terminal. Trend performance of air cylinders to predict an impending failure so that planned downtime can be scheduled for maintenance.

  • Energy-Saving Pneumatics - Reduced air pressure on non-working stroke of air cylinders, leak detection, air saving circuit for plastic tier sheets, compressed air consumption monitoring.

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