Pro-Pal® LL Pail Palletizer

The Pro-Pal Low Level Pail Palletizer from Priority One, a division of Busse/SJI, is both versatile and dependable. This comprehensive system features a pallet magazine, automatic slip sheet inserter and gripper head.

Pails are fed into the system and diverted into lanes where each pail is automatically positioned for label orientation. The pails then travel downstream and nest into a pattern for pick up. Mechanical or vacuum grippers accurately pick up and place the pails on the pallet. Choose this low-maintenance system for its on-demand functionality and minimal level of operator intervention.

Priority One LL Pail Palletizer

Mechanical or vacuum grippers accurately pick up and place the pails on the pallet.

Key System Features

  • A comprehensive system for pail palletizing

  • Hollow bore drive units reduce wear and ease maintenance

  • Constructed of heavy gauge steel for lasting durability

  • Troubleshoot and update programs remotely with web port

Our Pro-Pal® Pail Palletizer can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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