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About Automation Solutions

Whether you need to replace a piece of equipment, update an entire system or install a new line, Automation Solutions has the experience and expertise needed to deliver the best solution for you. We provide material & container handling solutions services for several industries, including food, beverage, household, personal care, container manufacturing and more.

Arrowhead Conveyor offers a complete selection of customized and standard conveyor systems, including the NeXtconveyor wash down and sanitary product line.

Busse/SJI, the inventor of the original bulk palletizer and depalletizer, continues to lead the industry in robotic automation and material handling equipment. In addition to the Busse/SJI machines, they manufacture Priority One equipment–simple, yet sophisticated low-level depalletizers, high and low-level case palletizers, and multi-line case palletizing systems.

A&B Engineering Services sends experienced field service engineers around the world to assist customers with Arrowhead Systems equipment, as well as other major brands. Services include Project Management, new equipment start-ups, legacy equipment upgrades, programming and line controls integration, technical support, and more.

Innovating for the Future, Backed by Decades of Experience

While we call Wisconsin home, our global team is made up of experienced service technicians, dedicated sales professionals and a network of independent agents. That means no matter where you are located across the world, you can experience the convenience of working with one expert company.

Our engineers are committed to understanding your current and long-term needs. As a leading conveyor & equipment manufacturer, we deliver on time and on budget. We work with you to make continuous improvements to your line we stay with you long after we install your equipment. You can depend on us to help with training, maintenance and replacement parts.

About Arrowhead Systems

Put our 75 years of experience to work for you

We grew organically and through acquisitions of successful material handling companies. With companies that included Busse, SJI, NeXtconveyor and Priority One, we expanded our knowledge, expertise and capabilities.


Busse was founded by Curtis and Gilbert Busse


Arrowhead Conveyor was founded by James F. Steiner


SJ Industries was founded


Priority One Packaging was founded


Arrowhead Conveyor is acquired by Arrowhead Systems


Arrowhead Systems purchased Busse & SJ Industries to form Busse/SJI Corporation


NeXtconveyor was founded


A&B Engineering Services LLC was formed


NeXtconveyor was acquired by Arrowhead Systems


Priority One Packaging was purchased by Arrowhead Systems


Regal Rexnord Corporation acquires Arrowhead Systems Inc.


Arrowhead Systems change to Regal Rexnord Automation Solutions

How we built a reputation for quality, innovation and expertise

Acquisitions are not the only reason we’ve continued to grow and be successful over the past 75 years as an equipment and conveyor manufacturer. We started the company with a focus on understanding and anticipating the needs of our customers to deliver the best solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering quality products and services while continuing to provide innovative solutions. We do what we say we will do, when we said we would do it.

These founding principles have served us well over the years. But we’re even more pleased that these principles have helped our customers improve efficiencies and productivity, all while giving them peace of mind in the quality of our work and services.

Arrowhead Systems About Us

We offer a wide selection of equipment and parts

  • Conveyors: We provide a broad and diversified line of table top, mat top, sanitary, air, and case handling conveyors. We can design a system solution for any type of material handling requirement, providing the engineering to develop an efficient, productive layout, as well as the necessary equipment and line controls.
  • Palletizers and Depalletizers: Our team of experienced engineers design and build the best depalletizers and palletizers on the market. Custom designs are available to ensure your palletizer or depalletizer is built to meet your exact system’s needs. With superior design and world-class manufacturing standards, our equipment delivers years of low maintenance and trouble-free performance, while providing the flexibility to adapt to changing demands.
  • Parts and service: ​For manufacturers, success is determined by efficiency. That’s why our goal is to keep your equipment running at peak performance. Our technical representatives travel the world providing service on equipment from our equipment, as well as other major brands. From installation and training to maintenance and parts, trust our expert field service team.
  • Resources: Looking for more specifics on any piece of equipment we offer, or a piece you already have? You’ll find maintenance guides, brochures, CAD drawings and a video library in our resources section.
Arrowhead Systems About Us

Automation Solutions Partners with Septimatech

Customers count on Septimatech to improve changeover efficiency and make their packaging lines and machines more productive.

Our solutions help to simplify operations and improve ergonomics. By increasing precision, accuracy, and repeatability, we remove obstacles to optimum performance and replace them with faster, intuitive changeover solutions and processes.

Our business philosophy is simple: deliver the best possible customized changeover solutions for each and every one of our clients. With the knowledge and experience gained from working on over 2,700 makes and models of packaging machines and lines, we are experts at overcoming the challenges associated with maximizing changeover and container handling.

Septimatech Solutions

We save our Customers time and money every day with:

  • Faster changeovers
  • Repeatable changeover performance
  • Higher SKU throughput
  • Efficient use of skilled labour
  • Increased machine and line uptime
  • Improved container handling

In a time-sensitive world where any change can threaten production, our Customers enjoy vastly improved performance for reliable, predictable results and value. For more information on Septimatech please click here.


Arrow Conveyor Equipment is Automation Solutions Trusted Partner for Conveyor Parts & Equipment

Arrow Conveyor offers conveyor equipment and all associated components to properly transport your products. We also supply equipment and machines that are necessary to improve or automate your process. Whether you are in the food, beverage, personal care, container manufacturing, household products, pharmaceutical or any other industry sectors we can help with all of your in-line material and container handling equipment needs.

We always offer quality products and services at the best prices.

Since 1958 Arrow Conveyor Equipment, Inc. has been a full-service company who will match your conveyor and equipment needs, both tangible and intangible, with our products and services.

Our guiding principal is to simplify your production process while amplifying your quantities and quality. We will be an integral part of your success by providing outstanding customer and technical services, superior products, and experience that works.

To learn more about Arrow Conveyor Equipment Inc., please click here.

Arrow Conveyor Equipment

Engineering Services

With A&B Engineering, you get 24/7 support, call 844-686-5589 for project management, training, installation, relocation and more.

From the beginning to the end of your line, we’ve got the right solution.

At Automation Solutions, we sweat the small things. From specs to deadlines, our rigorous attention to detail keeps you running on time!

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