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Innovative Solutions

We strive to be on the cutting edge of technology and offer innovative solutions for material handling needs. The Arrowhead Systems team is here to ensure that you are provided with the right solutions to increase your production efficiency with a steady product flow and reduced downtime.

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Vacuum Transfer Unit

  • Speed: Continuous flow at rates of 30-60 CPM for Variety Packs
  • Adjustability: Change over for can heights in minutes with hand crank adjustment
  • Flexibility: Flexible and adaptable for future applications
  • Ease-of-use: Simple placement at the infeed and cans are removed with no additional equipment needed

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Compact Rinser

  • Speed: Run at speeds up to 400bpm depending on size
  • Changeovers: Simple product changeovers within a few minutes with no change parts
  • Features: Cleans empty containers utilizing air, water, sanitizer, or any combination of the three
  • Easy Installation: Small footprint for design flexibility

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High Level Bulk Depalletizer

Alpha Turbo™

  • Speed: Process up to 10 layers per minute (depending on product)
  • Simplicity: Simple design with few parts and maintenance friendly access
  • Automation: Self diagnostics, energy monitoring, performance metrics and predictive maintenance
  • Customizable : Optional packages layout/configurations available

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  • Thermal Testing: State-of-the-art Thermal Testing Lab and mobile testing equipment for  product validation
  • Maintenance: Low maintenance to help you reduce total operating costs
  • End Product: Can be used to convey cans, bottles
  • Adjustability: Modular design allows flexibility to meet future production requirements

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