Single File Air Conveyor

For facilities that need to maintain high-speed, uninterrupted container flow, turn to Arrowhead Conveyor Corporation's Single File Air Conveyor. Each one is precision designed and manufactured to ensure that cans sustain desired speeds. The modular design enables greater flexibility, shorter delivery and quicker installation, all while simplifying the layout of your production line.

Conveyor offerings include base coater and decorator infeeds, pinstripper discharge, necker infeed and discharge, and necker bypass.

Key System Features

  • Run at higher speeds with our patent-pending twist design

  • Reduce can spoilage and simplify product changeover

  • Adjust air flow and reconfigure layouts using the removable plenum blanking plates

  • Manual purge gates in critical areas makes product inspection and purging easier

  • Optional crushed can rejector can be added at the necker/flanger discharge

  • Make height adjustments in less time with optional hand crank adjustments

  • Easy installation and start-up

Our Single File Air Conveyor can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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