Blender Box

Rapidly transport cans while dramatically minimizing spoilage with The Blender Box can manufacturing conveyor. Featuring dual belt construction and integral fittings, it smoothly transports cans from the internal spray machine to the inside bake oven. The equipment's modular design enables you to easily configure a system to fit your specific layout requirements. Each Blender Box is constructed with premium brand name components and precision fabricated parts.

Ground and polished internal weld seams prevent cans from snagging on conveying side frames, and thick gauge steel side walls ensure a smooth, flat surface.

Key System Features

  • Long-lasting durability and trouble-free operation

  • Transport cans smoothly and without damage

  • Hand wheel fine-tunes all lanes simultaneously to simplify can height adjustments

  • Simple design and few moving parts reduces maintenance efforts

  • Easy installation and start-up

Our Blender Box can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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