Cupper Discharge Conveyor

Avoid costly jams in your cupper equipment by pairing it with Arrowhead Conveyor Corporation's Cupper Discharge Conveyor. The conveyor consistently keeps cans moving through your production line, away from the cupper. We offer two mass air designs and mechanical conveyor solutions, so you can choose a solution that fits your layout.

To ensure smooth product flow at high speeds while minimizing contact and damage to containers, choose the optional individual UHMW cup lanes. Optional change parts as well as a roll-away change parts cart can accelerate the changeover process.

Arrowhead Conveyor Cupper Discharge Conveyor

Our designs can accommodate turns in your line for reliable flexibility.

Arrowhead Conveyor Cupper Discharge Conveyor

This conveyor keeps cans moving through your production line, away from the cupper.

Key System Features

  • Conduct quality inspections without stopping production using the optional sampling gates

  • Locating pins and quick release clamps ensure repeatable positioning and minimizes changeover time     

  • Easy installation and start-up

Our Cupper Discharge Conveyor can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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