NeXtgen® II

The NeXtgen II's patented washdown design continues the Arrowhead Conveyor tradition of high-quality, user-friendly, reliable equipment. The NeXtgen II has many of the same features as the patented NeXtgen I model, however it has an expanded frame design and uses modular plastic link and solid belts—making the sanitation process even faster. It is ideal for production environments that require daily sanitation.

NeXtgen II Sanitary Conveyor

The expanded frame design and modular plastic link and solid belts make the sanitation process even faster than the patented NeXtgen I model.

NeXtgen II Sanitary Conveyor Frame

Our patented open frame design and stainless steel construction are durable and practical.

Key System Features

  • 100% visibility of all product contact zones

  • Minimized horizontal surfaces

  • TIG welded construction

  • Patented open frame design

  • All stainless steel construction

  • Modular plastic link or solid belts

  • Modular bolt-together piece parts

  • Faster, easier and more effective cleaning

  • Reduce labor costs

  • Reduce chemical usage

  • Reduce water consumption and waste water generation

  • Reduce down time and maintenance costs

Our NeXtgen® II Conveyor can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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