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Laning Conveyors

Let Arrowhead Systems team help you find a customized laning solution to complete your current can or bottle handling system. Count on our team of experienced engineers to provide you with custom solutions when you need to efficiently and safely merge multiple lanes of product into one.

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Laning Conveyor

1:2 Whisper Laner

  • Speeds: up to 1,200 CPM
  • End Product: Used to convey cans or bottles
  • Technology: Standard enclosure with a programmable logic controller (PLC) and the required externally mounted pneumatic devices
  • Installation Options: Complete system or retrofit with a current system

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Multi-Lane Conveyor

SideWinder® - Dynamic Laner

  • Speed: Speeds up to 215 feet per minute
  • Function: Divides a single lane of rigid products without interrupting flow
  • Customizable: Customize controls to meet your needs. The standard unit includes an enclosure with a programmable logic controller (PLC).

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Conveyor Clamp & Shift Laner

  • Function: Merge products to match downstream conditions with ease
  • Applications: Most commonly used to divide one or more infeed lanes to several evenly balanced discharge lanes
  • Motor Options: Available in manual, pneumatic, motor or servo drive operations
  • Value-Add: Add available safety options, such as perimeter guarding with lockable access doors

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Single Lane Combining Mat Top Conveyor

  • Speed: Achieve rates up to 1,300 CPM depending upon system configuration and product characteristics
  • End Product: Use for round containers when floor space is at a minimum
  • End Product: For full containers
  • Easy Installation: Easy to install as systems are shipped completely assembled

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